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Re: What is latest for JFFS, JFFS2 power failure reliability?

dross@xxxxxxx.ca said:
>  From what I've gleaned from the archives, JFFS development was
> discontinued before reliability reached 100%.

I considered the most appropriate way of getting to 100% reliability to be 
a rewrite, and that's what I did. Others, particularly the LynuxWorks 
people, continued with JFFS1 work. They have patches which should fix all 
known problems, I think.

> JFFS2, on the other hand, seems to be almost 100% reliable, except for
> the odd failure where  read-only files disappear. 

I'm not aware of this problem - if it was reported and unfixed, then I've 
managed to blank it out and forget about it :)

Note that the bad wear levelling which was reported with Vipin's powerfail 
testing ought now to be fixed.


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