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Can you help me about JFFS2

Hi I'm jae in korea.

I have been heard about that you develop the jffs2.
and I have encoutered some problem.
It is that when I make jffs2 using mkfs.jffs2 like this
mkfs.jffs2 --root=./rootfs --output=./somefile 
and upload to embedded board by serial cable. and burn the flash using Boot loader
In rootfs , there are some file that I make using cross compiler ( arm-linux-gcc)
but the file is not works
error messages is like this
   # ./wlanctl-ng
   wlanctl-ng: No such file or directory

The message means there are no file , but strongly there exists "wlanctl-ng"
Maybe , I thougt to add some file to jffs2 , have to encode that file and add 
how about it?
can you help me?
and How can I encode it?

                                   Jae in Samsung Software membership 

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