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Re: New jffs2 files stay uncompressed?

joakim.tjernlund@xxxxxxx.se said:
>  Changing from CRC32 to Adler32 would also break compatibility, but we
> could at least have it as an compile option? 

What we must avoid is being unable to use existing filesystems with the 
new code. I'm less concerned about being able to use new filesystems with 
the older code.

We could introduce new node types identical to the existing ones, except
with adler32 for the data and node checksum -- still using crc32 for the
header but that's only small. The new code would understand both - although
perhaps you could disable support for the crc32 nodetypes if you really

I have enough changes happening at the moment that I don't want to 
contemplate this right now. It's worth doing when the dust settles on the 
NAND support and eCos port though. Feel free to implement it and have 
patches ready to apply when I'm feeling brave enough.


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