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RE: New jffs2 files stay uncompressed?

> joakim.tjernlund@xxxxxxx.se said:
> >  Yes, is the above test the only reliable test to test for a
> It's not even _a_ reliable test. Let's guarantee that CLEANMARKER nodes are
> accounted as dirty space when there are other data in the block, so we can
> just check for used_size == 0 like we did before.

hmm, I dont see how to do that if no reliable test exists. Ahh, maybe in scan.c?

> >  Another thing: Would it not be safe to skip CRC checks on the data in
> > inodes that don't have the ACCURATE bit set in scan.c?
> Er, we do, don't we?

Not in the stable branch. The ACCURATE check is done last and disregarded
if it's not set.

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