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RE: New jffs2 files stay uncompressed?

> Hmmm. That's an oversight. We should be able to skip them. I'd rather not
> put optimisations like that in the stable branch though - I've been bitten
> by changes which are more obviously correct than that. I want to stabilise
> the trunk and feed it to Linus fairly shortly anyway - I don't expect it to
> be broken anyway, just that I'm being more adventurous there. It's 
> certainly stable enough for 2.5 :)
Sorry to bug you with all these questions, but ..
In jffs2_scan_inode_node() a raw node is created even for nodes that does not
have the ACCURATE bit set, but if a CRC error is found in the data part no raw
inode is created. Should raw nodes be created for nodes that doesn't have the
ACCURATE bit set or can we just mark the space DIRTY? 


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