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JFFS2 (not) on CF cards

I just had a thought here... what is the most appropriate filing system to
use for CF memory cards? From my understanding of how things work, you can't
use JFFS2 on a CF card because JFFS2 requires access to the mtd layer, and
the abstracted IDE interface used by CF cards is not sufficient.

We are currently using ext2, but I assume this will run into wear-leveling

How do non-Linux systems handle this (i.e., my camera, windows, mp3 players,
etc...) -- I believe they use fat32 or some nonsense, right? Same problems?


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On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 02:17:20PM -0500, todd.kallam@xxxxxxx.com wrote:
> Has anybody else had a good experience with REISERFS or any other
> replacement for JFFS2?  Does the JFFS2 maintainer even know about
> these problems?  I have searched the web lists for info on
> JFFS2 bugs, but I have not found much.

Let me kill this here and now.

ReiserFS is not suitable for use on flash devices.  It doesn't perform
any wear levelling (in fact, the blocks that the journal occupies will
probably be worn out in no time).

May I suggest that you take JFFS2 problems to the right forum, namely


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