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JFFS2 question!

     We have our own PPC750 board with 4 AMD Flash chips on it(MA29LV641D,
8MB per chip, 16 bits,  sector size 64k byte). Currently we only use on
chip, and
try to make JFFS2 filesystem on it under Linux. We did pretty well.
     However, we hope we can access(read, write) the files in the Flash
while under
our boot code. So we try to investigate inside how file layout is inside
Flash. So we
copy files into the Flash under Linux. However, we found the files are
always placed
from the beginning of the last sector of the flash and then backwards. Is
this how JFFS2
works always?
     Sorry for the stupid question. Thanks.

 Best regards,
 Pei-Jie Hong

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