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Re: JFFS2 question!

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Pei-Jie Hong wrote:

> However, we hope we can access(read, write) the files in the Flash
> while under our boot code. 

Have you considered using RedBoot, which has JFFS2 support already?

> So we try to investigate inside how file layout is inside Flash. So we
> copy files into the Flash under Linux. However, we found the files are
> always placed from the beginning of the last sector of the flash and 
> then backwards. Is this how JFFS2 works always?

It was. The way the lists were built up at mount time meant that the 
blocks at the end of the flash were always first to be pulled off the 
free_list and used.

In the latest code, we now rotate those lists at startup by a
pseudo-random number, to prevent it from unevenly wearing the last blocks
of the flash if you keep rebooting it.


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