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Re: wear-levelling heuristics

tino.keitel@xxxxxxx.com said:
> Hum, what's the official way to include the latest CVS into the
> kernel? Kernel patches are out of date (I only found patches for
> 2.4.0-test kernels) and patches/patchin.sh doesn't considers jffs2. I
> created the links for jffs2 myself but I still had to fiddle around
> with zlib and crc32 headers, apart from the fact that changes of the
> configure options aren't reflected that way.

The latest CVS code requires the shared zlib which is in the 2.4.19-ac 
tree, and also available from bk://linux-mtd.bkbits.net/zlib-2.4 or as a 
patch at ftp.kernel.org:/pub/linux/kernel/people/dwmw2/shared-zlib

The easiest way to do it, for testing, is to build as a module - just check 
it out from CVS, go into the fs/jffs2 directory and type 'make', or 
'make LINUXDIR=/wherever/your/build/tree/is' if you don't want to build for 
the currently-running kernel.

If you need to build it into the kernel, just copy fs/jffs2/{*.[ch],Makefile}
and include/linux/jffs2*.h into your 2.4 tree, add the one line to fs/
Config.in (or just ignore it if you don't want NAND support) and build.

You may also need to copy crc32.h into include/linux. 

At some point when the shared zlib gets into 2.4, I'll start to make a BK 
tree available with the latest code, rather than just the stable one that's 
on linux-mtd.bkbits.net at the moment.


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