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Re: mkfs.jffs2 throws away my erase size

jos@xxxxxxx.nl said:
>  I admit I also had to look in the source code to see in what units
> the erase size was specified ;-).  But the same is true for some
> related things like the blkmtd kernel driver etc., all undocumented...

$ modinfo drivers/mtd/devices/blkmtd.o
filename:    drivers/mtd/devices/blkmtd.o
description: "Emulate an MTD using a block device"
author:      "Simon Evans <spse@xxxxxxx.uk>"
license:     "GPL"
parm:        device string, description "block device to use"
parm:        erasesz int, description "optional erase size to use in KB. eg 4=4K
parm:        ro int, description "1=Read only, writes and erases cause errors"
parm:        bs int, description "force the block size in bytes"
parm:        count int, description "force the block count"
parm:        wqs int


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