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loosing space in JFFS2


I have JFFS2 working fine on our original hardware. Then
the HW group put bigger flash chips on the new rev of our
hardware. (from 128K sectors to 256Ksectors). Now for
some reason, after JFFS2 is mounted, the free space
magically disappears at a constant rate until no space
on the device is left. It seems as though the I loose several
256K sectors per second, it takes less than a minute to
go through the whole 32Meg partition. but it is definately
leaking just one sector at a time.

Our flash memory bank is partitioned into 3 minor devices
(mtd1, mtd2, mtd3) only 1 of which is used for a filesystem.
We don't seem to see any problems writing and reading from
the partitions that we store raw data in, just with the
one we use as a file system partition.

I am using the JFFS2 that is packaged along with our standard
2.4.17 kernel....Has anyone seen this? is there a bug fix
for it already in a newer version of the JFFS code? maybe
its something that my driver is doing (not doing)?

thanks for your help.


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