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Re: Flash file size error?

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 07:51, abhijeet mhatre wrote:
> I am using the Etrax-100LX board for my embedded development. 
> Etrax-100LX board has 2MB flash space. But when I am able to see only 192KB
> Is my flash broken or is it something else.

Only 5 * 64kB blocks are used for the JFFS-partition. JFFS allocates 2 *
64kB for internal use. So you can use 3 * 64kB (192kB). If you want more
you can repartition (edit ptablespec and run "make images").

> Secondly, Is the any way for (properly?) shutting down the etrax computer. 
> Something like "Shutdown -h now". Currently I shut it down by turning off the 
> power supply. Is that the proper way ?  

The "proper" way is to run "init 0" for halt and "init 6" for reboot.

Best regards

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