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Re: mkfs.jffs big/little endian bug fix

David Woodhouse wrote:
> swahl@xxxxxxx.COM said:
> >  Does JFFS (apart from mkfs.jffs) use native byte ordering in it's
> > filesystem structures, or is it portable between systems of differing
> > endianness?  Is there any change in this matter in JFFS2 vs. JFFS?
> JFFS uses native-endian byte ordering on the medium. JFFS2 is the same at
> the moment, although I keep threatening to switch to little-endian and will
> probably get round to it some time in the near future.

if jffs uses native-endian, it would be important to add an option to
mkfs.jffs enabling to choose the bytesex.
most of the time mkfs.jffs won't be run on the system which will be
using the generated filesystem, so we can't just assume that both system
will use the same byte ordering.

a solution would be to always use little-endian (that's what my patch
does), but imho that could cause performance problems to use the
filesystem on big-endian systems.


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