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Re: mkfs.jffs big/little endian bug fix

sputnik@xxxxxxx.ch said:
>  if jffs uses native-endian, it would be important to add an option to
> mkfs.jffs enabling to choose the bytesex. most of the time mkfs.jffs
> won't be run on the system which will be using the generated
> filesystem, so we can't just assume that both system will use the same
> byte ordering.

Correct. mkfs.jffs2 offers options to build big-endian or little-endian.

> a solution would be to always use little-endian (that's what my patch
> does), but imho that could cause performance problems to use the
> filesystem on big-endian systems. 

That's a better solution. JFFS2 will do this just as soon as I build up the 
courage to make the switch. I think I now have a BE box I can test it on.

I'm not intending to make any changes to JFFS1 - as far as I'm concerned 
it's strictly in maintenance mode.


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