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Dazed and Confused [Was: mkfs.jffs big/little endian bug fix]

now i'm getting confused :-/

i did my patch against mkfs.jffs.c version 1.16 dated from 5th january
2001 found at http://developer.axis.com/download/tools/mkfs.jffs_1.16.c

now i found mkfs.jffs.c version 1.11 dated from 11th march 2001 at
in which the problem for which i sent a patch has already been corrected
in a much better way...

it seems like there is something strange about the dating and version

so where is the 'official' home of mkfs.jffs ? which is the latest
version ?

by the way, i didn't try v.1.11 yet, but it seems that the bug (buffer
underrun in jffs_print_trace() ) for which i sent a patch last week
exists also in this version.



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