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Re: Benchmarking JFFS2

> Er, yes, that is concerning. Does it say why? If it's only occasional, then 
> it's almost certainly memory allocation problems. 

I have caught the message 8 times. It doesn't occur rather seldom when I have
been benchmarking JFFS2 over the weekend.

On five cases the first line was "Unknown INCOMPAT nodetype C002 at 0020293C"
(address varies).

On all 8 cases the next lines are "jffs2_do_read_inode(): No data 
nodes found for ino #" then "Eep. read_inode() failed for ino #"

Last year there were two reports about C002 type node: 28 Jun 2001 Frederic 
Giasson, and 08 Aug 2001 Xavier DEBREUIL. Is this the same problem they had?

> It would be useful if you could provide a profiling run from the

Do you mean kernel profiling? I am using JFFS2 on an Arm based device and 
kernel profiling is not available for Arm or is it?

Jarkko lavinen

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