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Re: FW: Zlib compress

startec@xxxxxxx.net said:
> It is a alignment exception in the case and I found
> jffs2_zlib_compress will cause word aligment problem. I tried to print
> datalen and cdatalen using the following codes and I found the result
> before crash. 

Linux requires that unaligned loads and stores work. We introduced 
get_unaligned() into the flash drivers a year or so ago but after some 
debate removed it again. The ARM architecture now should not let you select 
MTD devices unless you have CONFIG_ALIGNMENT_TRAP set.

Greg, could I ask you either to do the same for the armnommu arch config.in
or maybe re-introduce the get_unaligned() macros in the chip drivers for
uClinux if you can really make a case for supporting flash but not 
including the 0x500-odd bytes it takes to fix up alignment traps.

How many of the CPUs supported by uClinux just can't trap unaligned 
accesses at all? 


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