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Re: CRC error after power off

tino.keitel@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  Did you mean that it is sure that it has written all data, then
> want's  to write the new CRC and in this moment the machine was
> powered off?

No, it'll write the CRC first, but won't have finished writing the data; 
hence the CRC fails. 

> If you're paranoid, you could check which inode that particular data
> node belongs to, and verify the contents.
>    Hum, how to to that? Add some debug code that prints the filename
> that  belongs to the inode?

You need to print the inode number and then either ls -laiR and grep or 
enable sufficient debugging that you find the file which points to the 
inode, yes. You can't go from inode numbers to file names directly.


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