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RE: CRC error after power off

Manually, we can indeed do it from the bootloader.  But for our device, the
self-updating functionality runs from user land, so I was looking for a way
that process can control the mechanism.  And then definitely instantly
reboot, as you suggest. :-)  Thanks all...


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paulnash@xxxxxxx.com said:
> On a slightly related note, is there a good way to force the
> filesystem to flush its contents?  I want this so that I can either

> a) power down 
> b) replace the filesystem image by cat'ing a new one to /dev/mtdblock/

> In case b, the integrity of the old filesystem doesn't matter, but
> preventing the old FS driver from overwriting something in the new
> image does.

You can just mount read only, or manually kill the garbage-collection 
thread by sending it a SIGKILL). All actual writes are synchronous so they 
won't be pending (assuming you're not on NAND). 

If you replace the file system while it's live, I strongly recommend your 
next command is 'reboot -f'. You won't be able to get it to remount at all.
Why can't you do that from your bootloader?


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