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Re: Unlocking flash memory

> Is there a way to use the calls in the JFFS2 file system to un-write
> protect some (or all) of the flash memory?  Is there an easier/more
> correct way to do this?  Is this an MTD driver-level issue instead of a
> file system issue?

There are ioctls such as

#define MEMLOCK                 _IOW('M', 5, struct erase_info_user)
#define MEMUNLOCK               _IOW('M', 6, struct erase_info_user)

defined in mtd.h which are working great for us. (We have a base of 2.4.16)

In the case of our Intel strataflash we can also use a monitor to write
0x60606060  to the first word of the flash and followed by 0xd0d0d0d0

This unlocks all blocks. (You can't unlock just one.)

Hope this helps,
	Dick Broberg

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