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Re: [TRIVIAL] Remove __NO_VERSION__ from 2.4

On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 02:50, Rusty Trivial Russell wrote:
> [ BTW: rustcorp.com.au temporarily not resolving, using samba.org address ]
> From:  Keith Owens <kaos@xxxxxxx.au>
>   #define __NO_VERSION__ has not been required since 2.3 days.  Trivial
>   change to remove all references to __NO_VERSION__, it just hits a lot
>   of files.

This seems to touch files whose authors have explicitly asked people not
to mangle 2.2/2.4 compatibility. Surely 2.5 is the place for this kind
of stuff. Its a change that has no effect other than making sure patches
don't apply and 2.2/2.4 compat code breaks on people.

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