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Re: [PATCH] --cleanmarkers option in mkfs.jffs2

johan.adolfsson@xxxxxxx.com said:
> OK, make sense - I just didn't want to change the default behavior. 

I do. I've been intending to do it for ages but haven't got round to it.

Although perhaps I ought to wait till the morning and ponder the 
implications for a wrong-block-size fs. 

> Why? Because we want to take them into account when garbage
> collecting? We don't really need to put markers on the blocks we erase
> if we know that we will write to them immediately - do we? 

Yeah, if we don't put them there in the first place then the fs will take 
more space after GC than it did to start with. Perhaps 12 bytes per block 
is less than our margin of error in other cases, but I'm hoping we can 
reduce the error to zero and start curring down the amount of free space 
required for correct operation, so I'd rather not let it slide.


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