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Re: [PATCH] --cleanmarkers option in mkfs.jffs2

On Wednesday 11 September 2002 13.18, David Woodhouse wrote:
> >  BTW: Isn't it really a user error to create an image with the  wrong
> > erase size and something that seldom happens in real life?
> Not always. It's usually been safe to make a JFFS2 image with erase size
> smaller than the hardware, so people making images for the iPAQ, for
> example, will build images with 0x20000 erase size to match the H3100 in
> the knowledge that it'll work OK on the H3600 and others.

OK, I see, should the default value be no clean marker, or should they 
have to learn another option in the meantime until it is handled better 
by the fs code? (Or will you simply wait to apply it?)


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