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booting from DoC 2000

	I have a DiskOnChip 2000. I can mount it through nftlaX and read/write 
to it. What I would like todo is boot from it. I have tried to find 
some information but there seems to be alot of discrepancies in what I 
find, some howtos say not to use the mtdblock device others say to use 
it. I'm a little confused. Here is what I'd like to accomplish, if 
someone can let me know if it is possible and / or other ways around it.

	have the DOC using jffs or jffs2.
	boot using either grub or lilo
	no initrd.

	have the DOC partitioned, one part ext2 for /boot and the rest on 

Is this possible. If so how?

Here is what I have. I have linux-2.4.19 seeing the doc, I can mount 
through nftla and I have the jffs partitions. I figure that this is how 
to proceed, create my jffs image with the kernel in the /boot dir. get 
the lilo with mtd patches and install that. cp the image to the mtd0 
device (making sure that the /etc/fstab file uses /

/dev/mtdblock0 / jffs2 defaults 0 0

is that correct? Will it work?
Nathanael Noblet

Gnat Solutions
4604 Monterey Ave NW
Calgary, AB
T3B 5K4

P: (403) 288-4613
C: (403) 809-5368

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