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Re: correct mkfs.jffs utility

I had choosen the mtd block device in my kernel
But it didn't create the mtdblock/0 device itself.
When i tried it creating and using it gave me error of
invalid block device.

See  I have broken my work in the following stuff
1. Check the created image 
2. Mount it to the actual device.

Actually I tried with DOC using nftl device
but then it didn't work.
In the mtd-jffs-howto.txt site I read that its not
essential that jffs will work on DOC.

So I want to first try with Ramdisk and then go ahead.
I have one more question.Is there any point in having
jffs on RaM DISK.

I'll be really thankful if u can direct me from
here.As I don't want to stop my self after trying so
hard for so long
Thanks once again 

 --- Tino Keitel <tino.keitel@xxxxxxx.com> wrote: >
On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 07:10:07 +0100, j t wrote:
> > Hi All
> > 
> > I want to create jffs/jffs2 file system on RAM
> disk.
> > Can somebody please suggest me where to download a
> > utility for that.
> > I tried using mkfs.jffs from so many sites but
> none of
> > them is working.
> > I am trying as follows
> > Boot image for the redhat linux -2.4.17 is
> prepared as
> > follows
> > 1. Enable jffs /jffs2 support in kernel
> > 2. Enable RaM disk support in kernel.
> > 3. Enable loop device support in kernel
> > 
> > mkfs.jffs -d target >img
> > target is a directory
> > Now to check whether the created image is correct
> or
> > not I try mounting it using the follwoin  command.
> > mount -t jffs img /mnt/windows -o loop
> > But each time I get hte follwing message
> > Bad fs type.,ad option,bad superblock on
> /dev/loop0,
> > or too many mounted devices.
> You can not mount a JFFS or JFFS2 image using the
> loop device. You must
> access it via a real memory technology device (MTD).
> You have to enable
> MTD support in your kernel use the emulation of an
> MTD on a block
> device (CONFIG_MTD_BLKMTD) or in a part of the
> system memory
> (CONFIG_MTD_MTDRAM) if you want to do some testing
> without a real flash
> rom.
> Regards,
> Tino
> -- 
> tino.keitel@xxxxxxx.com
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> Security Technologies AG
> software engineer                                  
> networking people
> tel: +49.30.6392-3308                     
> http://www.innominate.com/
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