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Re: Does JFFS2 take seconds to mount?

s_mita11@xxxxxxx.jp said:
>  When mounting the root filesystem of JFFS2, it takes 10sec or more to
> mount it, and jffs2 outputs some messages (see below). This happens
> every time when the system mounts the root file system. 

Yes, JFFS2 can take a long time to mount. If you update to the latest code
from the CVS tree, you should be able to improve that by roughly an order of

Scanning for AFS partition magic will also be taking some time. If it's 
showing up on a profile, consider switching to RedBoot or hard-coded 

Also, use the correct '-e' (erase size) option to mkfs.jffs2 when making 
your image, to avoid the (cosmetic and harmless) warnings from 


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