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Question about Magic

Hi all,
   I am trying to use jffs2 as the rootfs on my mx1.
   The mtd partition for the rootfs is 12M and the jffs2 image is less than 2M , so there are many Magic-0x1985-not-found messages when booting. Is there any solution to make it not check the node after the 2M image? I've tryed the -p option when mkfs ,but its no use.
   And, there is some  "Old JFFS2 bitmask found at 0xXXXX
You cannot use older JFFS2 filesystems with newer kernels" message when booting ,I know its caused by Old bitmask 0x1984 but where does it come from? Does it caused by old mkfs.jffs2?(What I am using is version 1.17)


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