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Re: Does JFFS2 take seconds to mount?

Thank you, Davit.

I could eliminated some JFFS2 warnings by using "-e 0x20000" option.
But it still takes about 10sec to mount my rootFS.
I want to ask you why JFFS2 takes such a long time to mount?
According to your white paper [1], there are four-stage operation
when mounting arootFS. 
Can we delay some of these passes, or do we have to do all of
these passes when mounting?

[1] JFFS : The Journalling Flash File System


> >  When mounting the root filesystem of JFFS2, it takes 10sec or more to
> > mount it, and jffs2 outputs some messages (see below). This happens
> > every time when the system mounts the root file system. 
> Yes, JFFS2 can take a long time to mount. If you update to the latest code
> from the CVS tree, you should be able to improve that by roughly an order of
> magnitude.

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