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RE: Re: To David:4 questions about jffs2

First Thank you,It's so kind of you to take your time (whether 
it is free or not:)for answering my question .

> > 1.If the mtd partition is larger than the jffs2 image, and the mtd 
> > part has not been erased ,the "Magic bitmask 0x1985 not 
> > found..." will appear ,right? And except for erasing the whole 
> > mtd part, is there any solution else? It seems that the -p option of mkfs.jffs2 has no use solving it?
> Options:
> - Erase the whole partition
> - Fill it with 0x00 (erasing is better)
> - Pad the image to the size of the partition (with 0xff or 0x00, 0xff
> is better)
> mkfs.jffs2 -p _should_ do the padding, if done correctly. It is quite
> easy do make one mistake or another, though.

I have solved this problem by erasing the full partition.
But,I still want to know HOW the -p option of mkfs.jffs2 
recognize the size of the mtd partition? I mean,if the size 
of the image is 2MB and the partition is 10 MB,how can I create
a image with padding the image to the size of the partition?
Maybe I misunderstood and the -p option should be used in some 
way else?

> > 2.There is some "Old jffs2 bitmask found..."message there, so 
> > where the old bitmask 0x1984 comes from? and how can I make the 
> > message dissapeared (apologize for my poor English)?
> You didn't erase the whole partition? Propably old garbage, unless you
> prove us otherwise.

It disappeared after I erase all the partition.



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