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RE: Re: NAND file system

> > > Hello Jim
> > >
> > > I am the person who wrote YAFFS which is now being used in various
> > > devices. YAFFS is the only file system that was written specifically for
> > > NAND flash. Therefore YAFFS is able to avoid the special problems with
> > > dealing with NAND and is able to exploit special NAND features to get
> > > better speed. This makes YAFFS is very robust and fast.
> > >
> > > YAFFS is very portable and is being used with Linux, WindowsCE (and
> > > CE.NET) and various embedded RTOS. Thus, I am confident YAFFS can be
> > > ported to support Windows.
> > >
> > > You might consider contacting Aleph One (info@xxxxxxx.uk), the company
> > > that deals with YAFFS to find out about porting services.
> >
> > Thank you very much first, Charles.
> > Since I have no idea at fs and NAND flash,I dont understand "be ported to
> > support windows" very clearly. In my opinion ,the way in which a OS support
> > a filesystem is to integrate the fs support into the os(just like linux
> > support FAT),how can the windows support the YAFFS? I think you cant modify
> > the windows' code,isn't it?
> Jim
> The way this works ius that the file systems are not built directly into the 
> OS. Instead they are hooked up through a file system interface. This allows 
> many different file systems to be hooked up.

Yes, you are right, what I wanted to say is just what you mean,sorry about my wrong expression before:)

> In windows there is another way to do it. There is an exta interface for 
> hooking up external devices and make them appear like a a file system. This 
> is the interface that is used for example when you hook up a WindowsCE device 
> to a PC and you see it as "My Device".

From what you said ("another way",I mean) ,I think windows supply the file system hook, isn't it? I dont know about the file system in windows at all.
And, even if I port the YAFFS to support windows,should I wait the windows to update to support the YAFFS like recompiling linux kernel to support some new file system? or all the porting job I should do is just modify the code in YAFFS and then the _current_ version windows can identify the YAFFS in NAND flash?

Best Regards

Jim Zeus



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