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RE: JFFS patch

I would be screaming a lot if we were not moving to JFFS2 ourselves. 
However this will take us a few months to accomplish. If there is any 
interest in JFFS and if someone is kind enough to point out the work TBD, I 
will take a shot.

At 12:48 PM 6/24/03 +0200, Mikael Starvik wrote:
>Even at Axis (the original copyright holder of JFFS1) we are now using
>JFFS2. I'll check if someone inhouse is interrested in keeping JFFS1
>maintained 2.6.
>PS. I tested JFFS1 in 2.5 a while ago and it seamed to kind of work after
>one small patch. But I guess that there is much more to be done to make
>it reliable. DS
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>On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 11:35, Alexander Viro wrote:
> > It would be nice.  There are several ugly craps in there and I'd
> > rather see it gone than try and fix them...
>Me too -- I started cleaning up at one point and the result was JFFS2 :)
>So unless I hear anguished screams from a huge user base who are using it
>and not JFFS2 for reasons which they haven't yet reported as JFFS2 bugs, and
>someone also steps forward to clean it up for 2.6, I'll submit a patch to
>Linus to remove it in a couple of weeks time.
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