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only 0x50000 size partitions are mounted

Hi folks,

I have put JFFs2 support in my uCdimm

the erase size shown in /proc/mtd is 0x10000
So I keep a partion atleast 0x50000

1.) Is it right that for a partition to work properly I must keep its size
as a multiple of 0x50000

Anyways I do keep it.

I have found that if a partition is only 0x50000 in size, i can mout it. If
it is 0x100000 or 0x150000 or 0x200000,  I cannot mount it. If I mount it,
the system hangs or gives me lots of Call trace .

Also Somtimes the kernel is curropted which is not even in the boundary of
the partition i want to mount.

What could be the reason?

Help me here.


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