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RE: Using JFFS on a block device?

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> Subject: Using JFFS on a block device?

> I have a board which has a CompactFlash slot, and it emulates a hard
> disk (both the BIOS and Linux see it that way). I'd like to use JFFS on
> it, mostly because it offers wear-leveling -- without that I'm afraid
> that the flash will die pretty quickly. It it possible at all to do
> something like that?

No, JFFS won't provide wear-levelling on a device that behaves like a

JFFS(2) is for 'raw' flash only.

> Or perhaps you have a better idea how to handle this situation -- using
> the flash as a hard disk, and having some kind of wear-leveling
> protection at the same time?

CompactFlashes usually have their own internal wear-levelling.
SanDisk seems to work quite good, if you have to use CompactFlash.



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