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        I have an embedded device based on ARM

        My device has 32 Flash memory, 64MB SDRAM. The
OS is linux OS. My linux OS will be in Flash memory. I
need to have a file system or Flash memory. 
I shall use jffs2 filesystem. 

        I dont have the target system right now. So i
have to create the filesystem in my host system now
and use that filesystem in my target device later. 

   mkfs.jffs -d /home/jffsstuff -o /tmp/jffs.image 

      /home/jffsstuff - stuff to put in flash 
Is this jffs.image to be put in the Flash memory in 
the target? 

       What confuses me is, is the command mkfs.jffs
is to be executed with the target flash in the host
system? or is this to be executed without the 
target solely on the host system and later the image 
file can be put in the target when the target is 


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