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Re: jffs2 flash life calculation

On Wed, 27 August 2003 10:53:15 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
> You're also assuming you can neglect the amount of data which are
> _rewritten_ during garbage collection. 
> That's probably a reasonable assumption in this case given the usage
> pattern, and given that the flash isn't likely to be near full to
> capacit.
> But for the benefit of the peanut gallery I should point out that if
> you're looking to do similar calculations for a file system with more
> normal usage patterns and which is run closer to its full storage
> capacity, garbage collection becomes much more relevant.


Usually, the limiting factor is either data size or data bandwidth,
not both.  The calculation makes sense when bandwidth is a factor and
size isn't.

Are there usage patterns where lots of data is rewritten even though
6+ erase blocks are free at all times?


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