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Re: jffs2 fragmentation

>I suspect you've triggered the worst case of a performance bug which
>I've known about for a while.

actually i found the cause of our problems.  we are using 2.4.18 and after 
some digging, i found 3 bugs in our version that have been fixed in the MTD 
CVS for some time. :(

>We should write new data out to one empty block, while writing out
>garbage-collected data out to another. We don't do that at the moment;
>we interleave old and new data and then you erase your new file, leaving
>us with a very suboptimal mix of valid and obsolete nodes in each
>eraseblock we've been writing to.

before i found the already fixed bugs, i was going to go down this path.  
the reason i didn't is because i wasn't sure how it would affect the number 
of reserved eraseblocks... and i didn't want to introduce anything new (i.e. 
buggy) before i figured out what the problem was.

Thx to both of you for responding.  I tried to reply to my own original 
thread, but hotmail sucks and gets the e-mail headers wrong so it got 
bounced i think.  still working on getting a better account somewhere else.


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