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Re: gc problem?

On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 12:52 +0100, Bernhard Roessmann wrote:
> I'm adding very small chunks of data (12 Bytes) to a File. After writing
> 9200...9400 records (file size approx. 110kByte), I cannot write another
> record and cannot delete the file.

> Raw node at 0x000000a0 wasn't in node lists for ino #3

0x000000a0 is the physical address of the offending datanode within the
JFFS2 partition. 

We're trying to garbage-collect it; to write out a replacement so that
it becomes obsolete and we can delete it. 

By following the lists of physical nodes, we determined it belonged to
inode number 3. But when we fetched inode number three and walked its
_logical_ lists, we didn't find anything referring to this physical
node. Which sort of confuses us.

Can you reproduce it? Take a copy of the offending partition first, and
then grab the _whole_ log from before mounting the file system, while
you reproduce it. 


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