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Re: gc problem?

On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 14:12 +0100, Bernhard Roessmann wrote:
> Is this a byte address or a data node number (how big are the nodes?) or 
> a flash sector number?

Byte address. Within the partition though, not counting from the very
start of the flash.

> Hmmm, maybe my partition is not well created (mkfs.jffs2 script from 
> axis). After downloading the new empty image to the flash and rebooting, 
> JFFS2 consumes a lot of processor power for some minutes, it seems to 
> mark some free pages (lots of "starting erase of pending block..." 
> messages).

That's fine and shouldn't cause this.

> Yes, and it on every test run it shows address 0x000000a0 and inode #3, 
> even on another hardware!
> > Take a copy of the offending partition first, and
> > then grab the _whole_ log from before mounting the file system, while
> > you reproduce it. 
> I will try this tomorrow. Should I send the files to you?

If you can bzip2 compress them and make them available for FTP, that
would be more useful. Thanks. Make sure you log _everything_ from the
moment we start to mount the flash, through a serial console.

> Additional question: Is it possible to disable JFFS2 compression? In my 
> application, size ist not the problem, but speed is.

There were patches floating around recently, yes.


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