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Re: ACLs in jffs2

On Wed, 10 December 2003 14:15:41 -0600, J B wrote:
> Is there any plan to add support for ACLs in jffs2 now that they have been 
> added to 2.6?
> Or even a more general question:  is there any plan to add support for 
> extended attributes in general?
> i can think of lots of reasons not to do EAs on jffs2, so this is more of a 
> "has anyone thought about it" question.

Not specifically about doing EAs in jffs2, but I've read and thought
about Hans' Reiser4 paper.

Basically, add a pointer from each real file to a pseudo-directory,
holding pseudo-files.  Each pseudo-file is an EA.  Finished. :)

Ok, you have to add the glue stuff, userspace interfaces and such.
You can also optimize a lot, if you require EAs to be very short files
(one node at most), but the principle is almost trivial.


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He who knows himself is enlightened.
-- Lao Tsu

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