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Re: JFFS on 2.6.0

Thanks David for your kind and quick response. I tried downloading the 
'blkmtd' module from website for kernel 2.6.0, but I could only find for 
2.4.x series. I got that from iPAQ website. Isn't it available for 2.6.0 
yet? I saw people working on it for 2.5.x. Haven't they made it a default in 
2.6? I tried Googling, but couldn't find any website for downloading. :(

I even gave it a shot to try the old module format on the new kernel, but it 
did not work... as expected.

I will need further help from you in this regard. Could you let me know how 
to use it on 2.6.0, I mean, where could I find the blkmtd for 2.6.0? Thanks 
for your support.


> > Hi,
> > I am conducting driver-level test to have a performance analysis of JFFS
> > File System. I am trying to mount an IDE Block Device as JFFS2, but am
> > unable to do so.. I am unable to get mkfs.jffs also. :( Could someone 
> > me by telling me way to mount a hard disk as JFFS? I am trying this on
> > Kernel 2.6.0. I have enabled MTD and JFFS/JFFS2 by menuconfig. Are there 
> > other parameters also to be enabled? Thanks in advance.
>Use the 'blkmtd' device, which provides a virtual MTD device using a
>block device as backing store. Bear in mind that it will give you
>performance which is violently different from JFFS2 on 'real' flash.
>If you actually care about performance of JFFS2 on a block device, you'd
>want to look into using the NAND support to batch writes into 512-byte
>sectors, etc.

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