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Free blocks for GC and WRITE/READ blocking during the GC


I'm new to JFFS2 file system. I have already read the PDF "JFFS: The
Journalling Flash File System" and pass through the archived messages of the
present mailing list but I have still questions related to some concepts of
the file system:

1. It's clean that for the proper functionality of the JFFS2 file system and
GC it needs some free blocks (5?...)
in the tail. My question is: Are these blocks initially reserved and does
the file system "hide" them from the user space application so that to be
sure that they will be always free?

2. When the GC is running all write calls are blocked until the GC has
finished its operations. Then what about reads? I mean when the GC is
running do the read attempts block in the same manner as write ones?

10x a lot in advance

Best regards,
Ivan Dimitrov

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