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Re: BBC patch

David Woodhouse wrote:

>I've just been through the JFFS2 and MTD code, and split up the header
>files so that userspace code no longer has to include kernel headers.
>We'll want to extend that cleanup to cover BBC too.

Now I'm working on the separated patches, checked out the newest jffs2 
code and I see the changes. Now all compressor has a kernel and a user 
space version. They are very small compressors - I think it's OK.

But: what about the bigger compressors, and the shared code in our 
compr.c (compressor registartion, compression mode handling, and later 
model file handling) Should we (almost) duplicate these codes (in 
fs/jffs2/ and util/) or apply the symlink-solution and ifdefs?


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