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Re: BBC patch

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 10:58 +0200, Ferenc Havasi wrote:=
> I don't plan to modify them until your reaction. Please inform me if 
> something is not OK with them (need to fix, modify or anything).

I'm sorry I haven't been giving you as much attention as you deserve for
your efforts; I've been fairly busy over the last few weeks.

There are details I'd like to you fix in your patches, but I think it
will be easiest for you to commit the changes and then respond to my
criticisms incrementally -- or indeed for me to clean some things up for

Please could you send me a public SSH key and I will give you an account
on cvs.infradead.org so that you can commit your current changes. I
assume you're IPv6-capable?

Please disregard the private email I sent last week regarding a
copyright assignment; I am no longer asking for copyright assignments
for contributions to JFFS2. When you commit, please ensure you update
the copyright statement in each file you touch.


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