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power safe - appand to file


I have two questions regarding the power safe features of JFFS2 (JFFS2 on eCos).

1) As I understand it, JFFS2 (being a journaling file system and not a versioning file system) only 
   protects the integrity of the file system and not the integrity of the file content. We need
   to be able to append new data to an existing file (a system log file in an embedded device) and it is important
   that the file is not corrupted if the power is removed during the append operation.
   Is the append file operation safe (is the old data still available if the de power is removed during
   the append operation)?

2) We need to be able to update the firmware of an embedded device in a safe manner. 
   After we have downloaded new firmware using a another name (old firmware filename : firware_old- new
   firmware filename: firmware_new), how do we then change the name of firware_new to firmware_old (our
   boot process expects to find a file called firmware_old) in a power safe way (if this is not possible we must
   change our boot proces)?

Best regards

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