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Q: JFFS2 RAM requirements (and other questions...)


I am considering to use JFFS2 in my embedded system, and was hoping you
could save me a week's worth of trouble by answering some order-0 questions:

1) I have read the PDF and other introductry material, and I understand that
for each file a list of nodes in maintained in RAM. For a 32MB file-system
containing "your average stuff" (MP3, MIDI, JPG, no code) -- what would you
say is the RAM requirement ? Is there a way to bound this number?

2) Linux- and NAND support: I understand that under the linux-mtd NAND
support is not finalized ("nearing production quality"). Still, my system
does not use linux at all. If I use JFFS2 it will be on a proprietary RTOS
kernel (no processes, just "threads"), and I will need to port it. So:
2.1) Has this been done before?
2.2) Given that I do not use Linux -- how hard will it be to add NAND

tia (and sorry for asking so many questions),

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