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Re: Q: JFFS2 RAM requirements (and other questions...)

On Sad, 2004-07-03 at 14:41, Nitzan Shaked wrote:
> 1) I have read the PDF and other introductry material, and I understand that
> for each file a list of nodes in maintained in RAM. For a 32MB file-system
> containing "your average stuff" (MP3, MIDI, JPG, no code) -- what would you
> say is the RAM requirement ? Is there a way to bound this number?

It would depend on your implementation. Given you can't use the GPL'd
linux implementation linked to non-free software I suspect you would
need to re-implement the JFFS2 design (or license code for it from
some other implementor).

The ram dependancy is really based around the number of nodes on the
flash and thus the number of changes in the log. You can trade that
off against performance since you can always look for stuff through
the flash instead of in RAM. One thing in your favour is presumably that
you will always write entire files or large blocks if the device is a
media player of some form while an OS tends to have files that get
updated/changed and generate a lot of log entries.


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