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Re: BBC patch

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 10:37 +0200, Ferenc Havasi wrote:
> I'm not familiar with licences. If you think that LZARI.C is not OK, we
> can simply remove it. Should I do it? (Or would you like to do it yourself?)

I'm going to omit it and compr_lzo.c from the code I'm sending to Linus
today. Please do a thorough check of _everything_ you've committed, and
make 100% sure you're allowed to license it under the JFFS2 licence
(GPLv2 with the extra permissions).

I suspect it may make sense to separate the compression algorithms from
the JFFS2 plugin, in the same way as zlib is done -- the JFFS2
compr_zlib.c is just a simple wrapper around the kernel's zlib routines.


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