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block in clean list with wasted space


I think there is a problem in jffs2_add_physical_node_ref.
If the remaining free space is 0 and the dirty space is 
also 0, the block goes to the clean_list.
Shouldn't we check the wasted_size, so that we can decide
to put it on the dirty or very_dirty list ?

I end up with blocks in the clean_list which have large
amounts of wasted space, when the last write to a block
fills up the free space exactly.

(I use an MTD source snapshot downloaded one month ago, 
for NAND Flash, through the eCos interface, non-buffered IO.
Maybe this is corrected already ?
BTW how do I contribute a patch when I can't use cvs
because of a firewall ? do I send it to the list ?).


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