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While brining up an Intel Mainstone (pxa27x) board I noted that the vfs did not register jffs2 using the mainstream code.
This may be a well known issue.
If not, this patch below worked for me.

diff -urNx CVS original/super.c update/super.c
--- original/super.c	Thu Sep 23 09:57:16 2004
+++ update/super.c	Thu Sep 23 12:26:01 2004
@@ -288,6 +288,8 @@
 	.name =		"jffs2",
 	.get_sb =	jffs2_get_sb,
 	.kill_sb =	jffs2_kill_sb,
+	/* added N C Bane for */
+	.fs_flags = 	FS_REQUIRES_DEV,

Nick Bane

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