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All blocks in erasable_pending_wbuf_list


here is my test scenario (still with eCos/NAND)
I create a file and write 2KB buffers to it (append)
until the file system is full. Then I close the file
and I unlink it.
When I want to create another file, the "open" returns
an error because no block is found for GC.
Actually most blocks are in the "erasable_pending_wbuf_list"
except 2 free blocks and nextblock.
Here is a patch which seems to correct the problem
(not sure about multi-tasking protection though)
Any comments ?


nodemgmt.c ( $Id: nodemgmt.c,v 1.107 2003/11/26 15:30:58 dwmw2 Exp $ )
<                         {
<                           if ((ret == -EIO) && !list_empty(&c->erasable_pending_wbuf_list))
<                           {
<                             D1(printk(KERN_DEBUG "jffs2: Flushing write buffer instead of garbage collect\n"));
<                             jffs2_flush_wbuf_pad(c);
<                           }
<                           else
<                             return ret;
<                         }
>                               return ret;

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